Football clubs banned from FA Cup over 21-18 score

The Macau Football Association (MFA) has finally issued a decision regarding the controversial FA Cup match between the teams of Ka I and Hang Sai, which was terminated by the referee when the score was 21-18 in favor of Ka I.

The MFA decided to void the result of the match and disqualify both teams from the next stage of the competition.

The decision was taken after the June 16 match, was deemed to be a non-competitive sports event.

The 21-goal victory was put to an end early by the referee after he noticed that the two teams were deliberately conceding goals to one another. The match was filled with walking attackers, unspotted defenders, and missing goalkeepers.

Players from both sides were apparently protesting the decision of the MFA to withdraw the SAR team from the second leg of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, which was set to take place in capital city of Sri Lanka, Colombo.

The footballers involved in the protest said that it was held solely by their own initiative, and did not reflect the position of their clubs.

The MFA justified the decision to withdraw from the Sri Lanka match on security concerns. The decision did not sit well with the SAR team players, who had triumphed with a 1-0 victory over Sri Lanka in the first leg. RM

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