Fourth bridge to be completed Q1 2024

The fourth bridge linking Macau and Taipa is projected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024, the Public Works Bureau (DSOP) announced yesterday.

The bridge includes seven engineering nodes, six of which have been completed. 

With a budget of MOP5.2 billion, construction work on the bridge started in March 2020, with around 40% completed to date, and it is projected to be fully completed in the first quarter of 2024. 

The starting point of the bridge is the east of the Macau New Urban Zone A. The bridge then spans the artificial island of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge port, crosses the Outer Harbour, and goes in the direction of Inner Harbour and New Urban Zone area E1.

The total length of the bridge is around 3,085 meters, of which the length of the cross-sea part is around 2.9 kilometers.

The main design of the bridge is eight two-way lanes, the two middle-lines being for motorcycle use only, with the other six lanes serving as normal car lanes.

The New Urban Zone and the bridge, one cloverleaf intersection at sea, connect the east of Zone A and the artificial island, respectively; in Zone A, a road is reserved to link area A and area B; on the other side of the bridge, the elevated bridge of Taipa Grande’s tunnel and road network of Pac On are connected to the structure.

As for the Taipa Grande’s tunnel, the DSOP said that they are making designs for the purpose of opening up the tunnel. 

The bridge also has a wind barrier, to achieve driving conditions for vehicles to go through the bridge safely when the Typhoon Signal No.8 is in effect. 

Meanwhile, the bridge deck includes reserved water supply pipes, gas pipes, high-voltage cables, communications and other public facilities to meet the development needs of new urban areas on both sides (Macau and Taipa) of the strait.

As for the construction work of the Avenida Wai Nong connection, the DSOP has informed that the project is located at New Urban Zone area E. The main construction content such as building a bridge to connect Avenida Wai Nong and Taipa Ferry Terminal, the road network around Avenida Wai Nong and sewer renovation, involves around 44,500 square meters of the relevant covering areas. In order to cooperate with the construction work of road network, the connection will be divided into two stages. Staff reporter

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