Fun fair aims to raise environmental sustainability

Guilherme Martins

Grand Coloane Resort held its first green fair on Sunday, featuring eco-friendly products and sustainable workshops for children.

The “Boa Vida All Things Green Fun Fair,” was opened to local micro firms that aim to raise awareness on reducing waste and using recyclable items.

The fun fair is an extension of a series of Boa Vida activities varying from culture to wining and dining, as well as wellness to artistry.

“This is something that we would like to continue to do. If there is a hotel in Macau that suits [conducting these activities], then it’s the Grand Coloane Resort because we are currently outdoors,” said Rutger Verschuren, general manager of Grand Lapa and Area VP – Macau Operations of Artyzen Hospitality Group.

“People like to come here on a weekend anyway, so might as well take the chance to create interesting events. […] And really this isn’t for us to make money, but it just puts us on the map as a resort in Macau where we do green things,” he added.

The event was held in collaboration with the Macao Green Environmental Protection Association that invited local businesses which promote healthy food and hand-made items.

One local micro firm, Stuff Box, has been retailing eco- friendly items for the past few years and noted that awareness of environmental products has grown.

Sonic Pun who represented the firm remarked, “I think there are more people who are starting to be aware of these eco issues. Many of them are starting to use their eco-friendly products as they bring their own straws, containers and reusable cups to buy coffee.”

Another Made-in-Macau firm, Mighty Greens, was also present at yesterday’s event, aiming to encourage visitors to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Mighty Greens is the first and only local urban farm in the region growing microgreens and wheatgrass.

Questioned on how such a lifestyle has become so easily adaptable in the region, owner of the firm, Guilherme Martins, said, “everything takes time. People need to be more aware and this is why we come to these kinds of events. We want to spread awareness.”

Meanwhile, Verschuren remarked that Grand Lapa has one more phase of renovation to go, which may finish by the end of the year.

The executive pledged that it would continue to modernize its facilities, adding that Grand Lapa had just finished its exterior renovation and is currently working on the preparations for the indoor renovation, which will cover three floors of the hotel. LV

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