Fundraising campaign raises nearly 2 million patacas to help Portugal

A fundraising campaign launched by Macau’s Portuguese community has reportedly raised nearly 2 million patacas.
The campaign is intended to support healthcare professionals in Portugal by giving the the funds to obtain personal protective equipment and other medical equipment urgently needed to fight the Covid-19 outbreak.
According to Banco Nacional Ultramarino, one of the fundraiser’s organizers, as of Sunday the dedicated account held 1,864,000 patacas in donations from institutions, companies, and individuals in Macau.
While the campaign should have ended on Sunday, it was extended until today, when it is expected that the total amount may surpass 2 million patacas.
According to the organizers, the money will be used to acquire screening tests for the virus and protective equipment which will then be sent to Portuguese healthcare professionals who are on the frontline of the Covid-19 fight.
The acquisition process will be coordinated by the Portuguese governmental Trade and Investment Agency – AICEP Portugal Global. In coordination with the Portuguese Embassy in Beijing, it will ensure all the products and equipment reach Portugal’s Ministry of Health, which will then coordinate distribution to hospitals and medical facilities.
As of yesterday, Portugal had registered a total of 11,730 cases of infection which has already resulted in 311 deaths. RM

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