Fundraising concert held for abandoned pets

1 IMG_2940A music concert was held yesterday in Tap Seac Square, aiming to raise donations for abandoned animals. Several singers and bands from the Macau Artistes Association performed rock and roll songs as well as original music. Interactive games were provided for participants and their pets, including a pet talent show, a pet beauty contest and a quiz with prices.
Members of the Parents’ Association of People with Intellectual Disability set up a charity bazaar and donation boxes.
All donations will go to the Abandoned Animals Protection Association of Macau (AAPAM).
A specific mobile application was created, effective until 8 p.m., for residents to download for a donation of MOP5 each time.
AAPAM representatives said that they are noticing an increasing trend of pedigree animals being abandoned. “In the past, when we first set up AAPAM, the abandoned pets we received were mostly were mongrels. (…) As the economy has increased, many people would buy pedigree pets to raise. But after they found that there are a lot things to do in order to raise a pet, they sent the pets either to municipal kennels or just threw them on the street, with the idea that other people might like pedigree pets,” said vice president Ms Lau Pui Zan. She told the Times that most mongrels are abandoned near construction sites.
Lau added that during the summer holidays, the adoption rate of abandoned pets went up by some 10 percent compared to other times of the year. The association urged residents to think twice before adopting.
There are more than 500 pets in AAPAM, including 300 cats, nearly 200 dogs and 5 rabbits.
The Macau Artistes Association organized the event. Established in 2013, the association is made up of local singers, anchors and music producers.

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