Gaming employees oppose smoking lounges

Five representatives of the Association of Gaming Professionals (AGP) yesterday delivered a letter to the Legislative Assembly (AL) voicing their concerns over the availability of smoking lounges in Macau’s casinos.
The letter was addressed in particular to Ho Iat Seong, the chairman of the AL.
At the end of May, the Second Standing Committee of the AL revealed that seven of its nine members supported the continuation of smoking lounges in casinos. The committee claimed that the rooms could be arranged if the casinos can guarantee that the smoke will not spread to other areas.
AGP president Cloee Chao told the Times that the association members are aware that the issue has been forwarded to the AL for further discussion.
“We hope he – Ho Iat Seng – knows about our opinions,” said Chao.
In the letter, the AGP writes that “it is unacceptable to us, the casino employees to allow the existence of smoking lounges in the casinos… we come to work, not to sell our [lives].”
According to AGP vice president Lei Man Chao, the association currently has around 60 members. Staff reporter

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