GAMING | FOAM calls for gov’t to intervene in casinos’ unpaid leave schemes

Amidst the continuous plunge of Macau’s gaming revenue, two casino operators have allegedly offered employees unpaid leave for as long as one year. According to a casino workers’ union affiliated with the Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FOAM), the proposal received an enthusiastic response from the workers, as it has been difficult for them to apply for leave in the past.
The director-general of the Macau Gaming Enterprises Staff’s Association, Choi Kam Fu, urged that authorities should regulate the conditions offered by casino operators under such an agreement, so as to protect the rights and interests of employees.
“Although unpaid leave is taken on a voluntary basis, the government should intervene and supervise. They should regulate the unpaid leave scheme to see whether it will affect the employees’ welfare in the company, including their bonus and salary adjustment,” he explained.
“What’s happening now is that those casino workers who took unpaid leave during the financial crisis are now bearing a difference in the levels of their bonuses and salary increases compared to other colleagues,” he added.
Mr Choi further suggested that casino operators and the government should take the opportunity of a manpower surplus to facilitate the promotion of local employees.
“It is a good time for casinos to provide training to local employees and offer them the chances of promotion so that the proportion of local employees in middle and senior positions can gradually expand,” he said.

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