too-good-to-be-trueI am someone who is extremely picky about Chinese cuisine. To me, Chinese cuisine is one of the most sophisticated cuisines in the world and only very few dedicated and talented chefs are up to the task of creating extraordinary dishes that are awe-inspiring and surprising on the palate. When it comes to Cantonese cuisine, subtlety and nuances and two key elements that I appreciate the most. The food has to be striking, but in an elegant and refined manner. In Macau, no Chinese restaurant does this better than The Eight at Grand Lisboa.
This year, the intimate Chinese restaurant again has been awarded three Michelin stars. In my opinion, it is simply the best Chinese restaurant in the world. Upon entry, one can immediately realize that the lavish interior concept is based on the traditional Chinese elements of the goldfish and the number “eight.” Visuals of goldfish in silk and custom handmade embroidery from Suzhou grace the partition facing the entrance. It is an incredible venue, but the food is even more spectacular.
Men all know that ladies love handbags, but have you thought of enjoying edible handbags as gems of exceptional tastes that give you various textures and flavors in the mouth? No, I am not kidding. Puff pastry with river shrimps in purse shape is a dim sum dish at The Eight, and once you put these bags in your mouth, you might realize that actually the pleasure of savoring a meal is greater than spending thousands on a handbag. The layers of soft pastry melt wondrously as the rich taste of shrimp kicks in. After experiencing this dim sum, the meaning of handbag will never be the same.
If you think that puff pastry dim sum that looks like a handbag is remarkable, the pan-fried whole shrimp with crabmeat fillings and mashed potatoes might also blow your mind. Imitating the Chinese musical instrument the 琵琶 Pipa, the dim sum is stunning in its presentation with two shrimps drawn by hand on the left side of the plate, truly a work of art.
For extravagance, the  “Eight Treasure” Goose will surely impress the most discerning gourmets anywhere in the world. Specially ordered at least 24 hours before a meal at the restaurant, the goose is stuffed with abalone, conpoy, morel, roasted pork, taro, chestnuts and glutinous rice. Succulent and rich in all the subtle flavors of the ingredients, it is served in a big, black pot, huge enough to serve twelve guests during an amazing lunch or dinner.
Red meat lovers will find the braised beef ribs at The Eight to be irresistible. The sight of the dish with a piece of giant white bone taking over one-third on the plate signifies that this is indeed a creation made for carnivores. The beef is braised to a point where the texture has become extremely supple, with delicious vegetables on the side that have soaked up all the essence of the meat. A meal like this is too good to be true, and decadence is by far an understatement when it comes to describing such a manifestation of gluttony. But life is too short. Who cares if we overindulge once in a while anyway?

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