Government issues clarification on Iec Long Firecracker Factory case

Due to the many questions posed by local media regarding the land plot that was formerly home to the Iec Long Firecracker Factory in Taipa, the government has issued a statement of clarification. It states that following the 2016 investigation report by the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC), the government instructed the Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Raimundo do Rosário, to proceed with the declaration of invalidity on the land swap agreement involving the plot, and to follow up on any developments on the case.

According to the statement, the government instructed the CCAC to conduct a criminal investigation in order to ascertain the existence of any evidence of corruption or fraud in the case, and has ordered the relevant authorities to institute disciplinary proceedings in case there is any proof that the officials involved were culpable, constituting a disciplinary offense.

Last week, on the sidelines of the Legislative Assembly plenary session, where the Secretary was present to reply to lawmakers’ enquiries, Rosário said that the process was still ongoing and that no disciplinary procedures were applied to the former Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau director, Jaime Carion, due to the fact that no evidence justifying the measure could be found. Rosário remarked that if any other evidence or facts were to be found at a later stage, authorities would act accordingly.

The government has now reaffirmed the words of the Secretary due to the media’s questioning, and has also reaffirmed that the secretariat has taken all necessary measures to ensure the reclamation of the land and with it, the reestablishment of legality.

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