Guangdong expects job market stability this year

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In Guangdong province, a vibrant job market is anticipated this year, buoyed by a resurgence in overseas orders and a growing demand for labor in manufacturing and cross-border e-commerce sectors. This optimistic outlook was shared by companies and local officials at an employment fair, as reported yesterday by China Daily.

Zhuhai Gree Electric Enterprise Ltd, a key subsidiary of the appliance giant Gree Electric Appliances Inc., has seen a 10-20% increase in production in recent months. The company, located in Zhuhai, Guangdong, is on a hiring spree, looking to add over 100 new members to its workforce, according to a human resources manager named Wu. With positions like equipment operators and technicians on offer, the company promises competitive salaries between 5,500 to 7,000 yuan and free accommodation.

The job fair, which took place in Guangzhou, and the manufacturing hub Dongguan, showcased over 70,000 job opportunities from 1,300 companies. Over 400 manufacturing firms participated, offering a plethora of technical roles that constituted around 45% of the jobs available.

Guangdong Xinbao Electrical Appliances Holdings Co Ltd, another prominent participant, expressed a strong demand for workers due to a solid order book in the first quarter. The Foshan-based company plans to hire 50-60 people for various technical and managerial positions.

Guangzhou Mino Equipment Co Ltd, a leader in intelligent manufacturing solutions for the automotive sector, anticipates a 50% surge in output value this year, resulting in a need for 160 to 200 additional workers. The company, according to its general manager Luo Lei, values problem-solving skills and comprehensive abilities, including language proficiency for its expanding international market.

The job fair also showed a significant demand for cross-border e-commerce talents, especially those proficient in languages such as Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, and Japanese. Guangdong Soxi Intelligent Equipment Co Ltd, for instance, is expanding its footprint in markets like Vietnam, Thailand, and Spain, seeking professionals with foreign language expertise.

The Chinese government continues to focus on employment, especially for young people. It aims to create over 12 million new urban jobs and maintain an urban unemployment rate around 5.5% this year. In Guangdong, over 90% of migrant workers have resumed work post-Spring Festival, reflecting a stabilizing employment environment.

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