Halftone to cater to photography enthusiasts

A new photography association will launch today, aiming to promote all aspects of contemporary photography.
At 6:30 p.m. today, a total of 18 photography enthusiasts who are part of the new group are set to showcase a series of photographs in an exhibition at the Portuguese Library entitled “Halftone.”
According to one of the founding members, Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro, Halftone is an inclusive association open to all those interested in photography as an artistic and/or documentary expression, regardless of their experience.
“The association proposes to promote the photographic work of its members, as well as organising exhibitions, publishing magazines, books and monographs, organising debates and developing pedagogical and educational projects,” Pinheiro told the Times.
Currently, Portuguese enthusiasts make up the majority of the association’s members.
With its launch today, the association hopes to reach more members, with a goal of 50 members towards the end of the year.
The association also hoped that enthusiasts from the Chinese community would join the group.
Halftone will publish a photography magazine three times a year. This magazine is slated to have 40 pages with the portfolios of each members.
Halftone members are now working on the program of activities for the next two years, which will include exhibitions, workshops and conversations about photography.
According to Pinheiro, the process of creating the association, as well as the exhibition, was quick, adding that a dedicated website for the association will also be launched today.
“The process was quite fast. We have all been imbued with soul and heart and things have been flowing. Everything has been happening since the beginning of this year,” he said.
The basement of the Portuguese Library will serve as headquarters for Halftone, allowing the association to develop its activities from there.


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