Health authorities call on those with symptoms to seek help

Last Friday, Macau health authorities requested citizens experiencing symptoms similar to the symptoms of the novel coronavirus infection to step forward and seek immediate help from the Conde de São Januário Hospital Center (CHCSJ).
During the daily press conference organized by the New Coronavirus Contingency Coordination Center and the Health Bureau (SSM), citizens were urged not to panic.
“If someone has been in a situation involving possible contact [with infected people], they should pay attention to their physical condition. If you have a fever, cough and other symptoms, you can go to the CHCSJ Emergency Department for a medical consultation to carry out further risk assessments and tests.”
The SSM also emphasized that “the new type of coronavirus can be cured through early treatment” and called on all citizens, especially those who regularly come into contact with a large numbers of tourists, to wear masks.
“In cases where one is feeling unwell [with symptoms] such as fever and cough, citizens should seek medical treatment for diagnosis and detection as soon as possible,” the SSM stated.
This information was reiterated during the daily press conference on Saturday, when the SSM said, “it is important to note that it is likely that there is the possibility of some hidden cases already existing in Macau,” adding, “to prevent an outbreak in the Macau community, it is mandatory to take appropriate protective measures.”
The request by health authorities was yesterday explained by CHCSJ doctor Chang Tam Fei, who noted that in the past few days the number of requests of people seeking treatment of the virus at the emergency room had been falling.
“Two or three days ago we had around 400-500 requests per day, now [we] have only 300 [requests]. This may be because people prefer to stay home and not come to the hospital,” Chang said.

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