Health | Influenza breakout infects 12 students

Twelve students from two primary school classes of the Colégio de Santa Rosa de Lima (English Section) have reportedly been infected by the Influenza virus, a statement from the Health Bureau (SSM) revealed.

According to the same statement, the students, aged between 7 and 12 years, started to manifest symptoms of infection of the respiratory system such as fever, cough and throat pain, among others from May 17. All of them attended medical institutions for treatment but none of them reported any critical or concerning situation.

The SSM, following the established procedures for this kind of situation, had carried out sampling for laboratory analysis and informed the school to implement control measures such as carrying out disinfection, cleaning and maintaining air ventilation inside the facilities. The same bureau also reminded the institution to strictly comply with protocols which dictate that infected students are not to attend school during the recovery period.

According to data being monitored by the SSM, there was a higher incidence of cases this week, compared to the previous week as well as with the same period last year. This has led the Bureau to say that there is a stronger activity of Influenza B virus during this period and that residents are to pay special attention to prevention measures. In the same statement, the Bureau does not rule out the possibility of an increase in the epidemic situation in the coming weeks.

Data also provided by the SSM notes that the large majority of all the cases being detected (90.4%) relates to Influenza B virus, while Influenza A (H3N2) is involved in 9.6% of cases. No cases have been registered for the virus Influenza A (H1N1).

From January to date, the SSM has recorded a total of 98 cases of influenza infection complications, such as pneumonia or other complications, resulting in eight critical cases involving two children and six adults. In two of these cases  complications led to the death of the patients two males aged 89 and 69.


In a separate report, the Health Bureau (SSM) revealed that three one-year-old infants have reportedly been infected by Enterovirus at the daycare center they attend.

The SSM was notified on May 22 by the “Andorinha” Daycare Center from The Women’s General Association of Macau, located in the Areia Preta District.

The two girls and one boy started to show symptoms of the disease on May 18, with parents taking them to several medical institutions for diagnosis and treatment.
One of the infants was hospitalized as the ulcers commonly formed by the activity of this virus caused the child to have difficulty consuming food.
The clinical status of the other children is now considered to be normal and there is no sign of serious complications.

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