Health | SSM declares free medical treatment for all local children

The Macau government has said that the Health Bureau (SSM) will make every effort to save and treat Macau children regardless of the type of illness, according to a statement released by the SSM last Saturday.

The statement was released after a fundraising campaign was widely circulated on social network.

The campaign was signed and started by Tak Sin Charity. According to the campaign description, a local eight-year- old boy diagnosed with metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD) had been regularly visiting Conde S. Januário Hospital (CHCSJ) and Hong Kong for medical treatment since March.

Earlier this month, the boy’s younger brother also tested positive for the MLD gene.

The two boys’ single father is said to have taken unpaid leave several times in order to take care of his son.

The description stated that the father takes care of both sons and his own father, in addition to other expenses, and  that the Macau government is only capable of providing the family with limited support.

According to the charity, the father is incapable of paying all the expenses.

“The patient has been receiving medical treatment from CHCSJ since March this year. After a dynamic evaluation and detailed testing, the preliminary diagnosis revealed a rare genetic disease. The samples were sent to the U.S. and Taiwan for genetic testing,” the SSM statement reads.

“Currently, CHCSJ has already been providing appropriate physiotherapy treatment and [nursing care]. At the beginning of October, the SSM referred the child to a hospital in Hong Kong for further evaluation in order to define whether there is a more appropriate treatment methodology. Meanwhile, CHCSJ is still discussing with experts in Hong Kong regarding further treatment plans.

“The SSM reiterates that the bureau is monitoring all clinical steps necessary for the treatment of the child, and will do everything to treat and save [the patient],” said the SSM, adding that “all expenses of the treatment process will be borne by the Macau SAR government so that the family is not affected by the financial burden.”

The bureau also clarified that the government’s health policy aims to provide completely free healthcare and treatment to all children in Macau. JZ

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