HKFS representative calls for contemplation on democracy

Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS) member Frank Chio, a Macau resident, spoke to the media on the sidelines of yesterday’s forum. He said that it will take a long time before a civil disobedience movement like the Occupy movement in Hong Kong takes place in Macau. He also believes that Macau residents need to further discuss what their ideal form of society is and their needs of democracy and human rights.
He also acknowledged that while some Macau residents are interested in learning about the HK Occupy movement, many of them do not agree with the civil disobedience movement. Therefore, he suggested that there should be more promotion or discussion on civil disobedience and the reason why some Hong Kong residents would adopt this measure to fight for democracy.
As for when HKFS will announce a retreat, Frank Chio reckoned that without sufficient reason given to the protestors on the streets, it is very difficult for organizers to convince them to leave.

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