HKZM bridge may add to traffic trouble during Grand Prix

Aspect of yesterday’s press conference

The opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge may create added traffic complications during the Macau Grand Prix, representatives of the Transport Bureau (DSAT) admitted yesterday during a press conference from the Macau Grand Prix Organizing Committee to present the traffic changes planned for this month.

Questioned by the media, both DSAT representatives admitted the potential problem.

“A large flow of traffic is expected during the races, especially in the northern district. We urge citizens not to use private cars for their transportation, [but travel] as much as possible on foot or using public transportation,” said Mok Soi Tou, the head of the DSAT’s Services Coordination Department.

Mok was adding to the words of Chiang Ngoc Vai, deputy director of the DSAT, who had already noted that there would be “a little” increase in traffic this year, but that the Bureau was coordinating with police authorities to “try to minimize the impact as much as possible.”

“We expect that there will be an added [traffic] pressure, but will it be at a level that people can not cope with? No, I do not think it will be like that. We urge people to be a little more patient,” Chiang said.

According to Lao Sio Hap, a senior police official in the Public Security Police Force , last year the force issued a total of almost 11,000 fines to drivers during the four days of the Grand Prix.

According to Lao, “some of them [were] for illegal parking and other administrative offences,” though the official was not able to recall the offiences in detail.

The figure cited was in fact used as a “warning” to drivers, adding that the police will deploy special inspections and enforced fining measures from November 15 to 18, in order to minimize traffic problems.

The same official, noting the reduction of parking spaces in certain areas during the event, warned drivers to “park their vehicles safely and properly”.

In the event of an accident on one of the bridges, the police will use tow trucks specially prepared for prompt deployment in order to minimize traffic jams.

The police will have the capacity to deploy more officers to assist with traffic management at the major crossroads of the city.

As for traffic restrictions, they will be the same as in previous editions of the Grand Prix, with restrictions put into effect at midnight on November 15 and the complete closure of the circuit area at 6 a.m.

The officials also advised citizens to plan ahead, taking into account that transportation will take more time than on normal days. They recommend that the public avoid unnecessary transportation.

Updates will be made continuously through media outlets such as radio and through the messaging system of the DSAT mobile application.

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