HKZMB Macau port shops to be on public tender

The government has approved the opening of a public tender for shops at the Macau checkpoint of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, according to a Chief Executive order published in the Official Gazette this week.

According to the dispatch, the tender will address the commercial space’s management and operation at the Macau checkpoint.

The HKZMB opened approximately one and a half months ago. Crowds of mainland group tours have been visiting Macau’s neighboring region to shop which has created pressure on the community of Hong Kong’s Tung Chung area, due to the large number of visitors.

The Hong Kong government recently leased their checkpoint’s shop to a Hong Kong business in order to open temporary shops to sell mainlanders’ favorite products.

The shop, HKTVmall, mainly sells milk powder, daily necessities, and cosmetics.

Until November 23, the HKZMB Macau port recorded a total of 802,804 crossings, of which more than 100,000 were recorded across the Zhuhai- Macau border, 680,000 across the Macau-Hong Kong border, and 16,000 across vehicle channels.

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