Ho Chio Meng’s lawyer confident

Oriana Pun, lawyer of former top prosecutor general Ho Chio Meng, reaffirmed her confidence in the possibility of winning Ho’s case, according to Chinese reports.

Ho’s case is close to its end following the final opening trial, which was processed last Monday.

During an interview on Tuesday, Pun reiterated what she already mentioned in her closing arguments, saying that the prosecution side does not have compelling evidence, and that the trial process did not prove any specific facts.

Pun informed that the court might announce the date for the ruling after it finishes a close-door trial session taking place today.

Ho Chio Meng cried during Monday’s trial session when he mentioned his children.

Pun, who has not seen Ho since Monday, believes that Ho Chio Meng cried because he was moved.

“It cannot be depicted as him being unhappy,” said Pun. In addition, the lawyer said that she will only know other details regarding the case and Ho, after meeting with him.

Oriana Pun took over Ho’s case in March, succeeding his previous lawyer, Leong Weng Pun.

Oriana Pun has been a lawyer since 2005 and is currently a member of the board of directors of the Macau Lawyers Association.

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