Human resources | Qualified workers import scheme may be reviewed

A proposal to attract a greater number of talented individuals from outside Macau to work in the region will be discussed further by the Talents Development Committee, with more details to be announced after, the Chief Executive said this week.

Chui Sai On said the government will closely analyze the Macau residency policies relevant to such matters, and noted the topic of talent import had generated intense discussion in the community.

In his comments to reporters, Chui said the government has no timetable regarding possible implementation of such measures. According to a statement, “the government noted a number of neighboring cities had launched policies and measures to attract skilled professionals or otherwise talented people, so as to propel the respective socio- economic development of those cities.”

The CE said that “while nurturing the development of a greater number of talented local people, the government seeks to review its own policies regarding attracting talented people from outside Macau, and take note of the proactive measures implemented in neighboring jurisdictions, in order to maintain the region’s overall competitiveness.”

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