IC announces Academic Research Grant recipients

The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) has published the names of the five recipients of the 2017 Academic Research Grant, the bureau announced in a statement last week. 

The IC said the program, which received 36 applications this year, was established to encourage original academic research into Macau culture as well as exchanges between Macau, mainland China and other countries.

To ensure the integrity and impartiality of the selection process in accordance with grant regulations, the IC commissioned the Institute for Social and Cultural Research at the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) to organize a panel of experts to review applications. The panel included senior university employees of MUST, the City University of Macau and Peking University.

The successful research programs are:

– Research on Folk and Liturgical Music in Macau in the Twentieth Century

Presented by Dai Dingcheng, who works as a Professor of the School of Arts at Macao Polytechnic Institute, this project will involve a detailed categorization and division of folk and liturgical music in Macau in the context of the territory’s socio-cultural and historical background.

Research on Robert Morrison’s A Dictionary of the Chinese Language

Presented by researcher Sio Chio Ieong, who is an assistant professor of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at the University of Macau, this project aims to complete an exhaustive survey on Morrison’s work, covering the areas of systems, religions, names and laws, as well as concepts in history, geography, culture and society.

From Portugal to Macau: Portuguese Nationality reflected in Portuguese Literature

Presented by researcher Yao Jingming from the University of Macau, this project aims to “fill in gaps in Macau Studies” by producing a monograph on the culture of Portugal and its people that can be easily understood by Chinese readers.

Images and Appreciation – The Art of Sculpting in Macau in Light of Sino-foreign Art Exchanges

Presented by researcher Gu Yue from MUST, this project aims to explore the value of sculpture images in Macau, for which the history of Sino-foreign art exchanges since the 16th century will be revisited.

Research on the Design of Space-saving Furniture and the Spatial Function of Macau’s Economical Housing

Presented by Yan Shaoshi from MUST, this project aims to analyze the spatial function of Macau’s economical housing, including methods of designing space-saving furniture.

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