IC apologizes for stopping reporter from taking pictures

The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) Director, Mok Ian Ian, has apologized on the behalf of the bureau for the incident in which a journalist was stopped by IC’s security from taking pictures of the Ruins of St. Paul’s light decorations. It was reported earlier this week that a local reporter was ordered by IC’s security to not record the Ruins of St. Paul’s light decorations. Mok pledged she will issue a warning letter to the security company requesting it enhance knowledge of IC’s instructions. 

Police officer dismissed after illegally entering casino

A police officer from the Public Security Police Force (PSP) has been dismissed after he was discovered in March of this year entering casinos and removing casino chips left on a gambling table by other people. The PSP reiterates that unless there is legal permission for a police officer to enter a casino, all police officers must strictly comply with the city’s regulation regarding police officers entering casino premises.

Helpers require training to help seniors

The head of the nursery department of the Kiang Wu Hospital, Wong Cheng Wa, has reported that some domestic helpers have been providing improper care to seniors. Yesterday, a a TDM radio program, Wong said that some domestic helpers need instructions on how to take care of seniors or those who are bedridden. Giving an example, Wong noted that some caretakers [domestic helpers] do not help laying-down seniors turn over, which could result in skin problems.

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