IC to focus on heritage protection

The new president of the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC), Mok Ian Ian, took her oath of office yesterday. An inauguration ceremony of Mok’s leadership was held at the Macao Cultural Center.

On the sidelines of yesterday’s event, Mok told the media “I have more than 20 years of experience in public service works. I used to undertake leadership works and I know that the work of a leader is faced with pressure and challenges.”

During the ceremony, Mok pledged to contribute to cultural works in addition to projects in other fields.

In particular, Mok mentioned that she will continue to organize Macau’s brand events, such as the Macau International Parade, as well as to train talented workers within the art and education sectors.

“One of the important works this year is the building-up of [Macau as] the communication center between China and Portuguese-speaking countries,” declared Mok.

In mid July, there will be an art festival for China and Portuguese-speaking countries, which according to Mok will simply be one of several other events.

Mok is succeeding Cecilia Tse, who resigned after just over a month as the head of IC.

In turn, Tse had succeeded Leung Hio Ming, who had served as vice president of IC under former president Ung Vai Meng.

Mok’s presidency comes after both Leung and Ung stepped down following allegations of malpractice, and after Tse resigned due to personal health issues.

When asked for a comment about this post, Mok expressed confidence in her future as the IC head. She then said “I was in touch with IC colleagues at different times. I believe that, based on this good cooperation [her past connection with IC], I can lead my IC colleagues towards working and contributing together for our cultural development.”

Regarding whether IC will hire more people, Mok claimed that she will answer this question after she learns about IC’s current operational situation.

As she remarked, some of IC’s future focuses under her leadership will concern the cultural heritage protection, building Macau into a cultural platform, training of talented workers within the cultural recreational industry.

Mok is a local writer who has been a civil servant since 1994. She previously led the planning department of the IC in 2000.

DSEJ director takes oath

THE NEW director of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ), Lou Pak Sang, took his oath of office yesterday in a ceremony presided over by the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Alexis Tam. In his speech, Lou stressed his experience in the educational sector (he was previously DSEJ’s deputy director) and pledged to strive toward its development. Lou succeeds the former DSEJ director, Leong Lei, as the head of the education authority.

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