IFT launches contemporary art exhibition

Artworks on display at the IFT’s “Reunion” exhibition

The Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) has launched the exhibition “Reunion” at its Educational Restaurant as part of the SAR’s mega art project, Art Macao. Curated by Deng Binbin, an art connoisseur in China, the exhibition features a total of 17 art pieces.

The group exhibition of contemporary art presents the works of six artists from different backgrounds including Wu Li, Xie Qi, Song Gewen, Denis Murrell, Cai Guo Jie and Lai Siu Kit, the only local artist in the exhibition.

According to Deng, Lai has “more delicate feelings for Macau than ordinary people,” explaining that the grey and geometric floor tiles of large size in his work demonstrate signs of the passage of time and reflect the micro scenery of Macau.

Meanwhile, discussing his experience in Macau, Deng said, “my relationship with Macau began in Mong-Ha Hill, starting at IFT. […] I have developed a greater sense of closeness with Macau.”

The curator was previously invited by the institute to teach a class for a year.

Explaining the backgrounds of the artists, the curator said that the six artists have “long lived and engaged in artistic creation under the background of different cultures.”

“Starting from their original cultures and being influenced by diverse cultures of the external world, they finally return to themselves and yield visual experiences different from previous workers,” he added.

As part of Art Macao, IFT is organizing a series of activities named “Art Mingle@IFT,” intended to gather and showcase the features of Chinese and Western culture and art.

The series kicked off with a “Collective Exhibition of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy” back in June.

The curator also hosted a seminar on “data interpretation of the 2018 global art auction market” yesterday after the official opening ceremony as part of the series.

Next month, the institute will invite the University of Education of Hong Kong to exhibit the art pieces of their teachers and students.

According to the institute, the series aims to “provide more artistic appreciation activities to visitors and offer an exchange opportunity for local and mainland Chinese artists.” LV

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