Industry hopes to bring coffee culture to universities

Jessica Tong

A forum named “Macau Enterprises Immersing in the Greater Bay Area” and the Yunnan Coffee Cup 2018 – China Brewers Championship in Macau were held this week at the Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM).

Young local ventures such as Seng Pan International Limited and Father Tong Tea Industrial Co. Ltd, were invited to share their experience and knowledge.

After the forum, an official coffee-brewing competition, organized by China Coffee League (CCL), was held.

More than 20 students from the University of Macau and the City University of Macau participated in the coffee brewing competition.

Yunnan Coffee Cup 2018 – China Brewers Championship is under the guidance of the Yunnan provincial department of agriculture, China Coffee League, and the Guangzhou Vocational School of Tourism and Business.

The industry competition is held in accordance with international standards.

Jessica Tong, managing director of Seng Pan International Limited, told the Times that this is the first time that the Chinese coffee brewing competition has been held in Macau, and also said that this competition is one of the most important in the coffee industry in China. 

“This brewing competition is hosted in Macau for the very first time, […] with the aim of promoting the coffee brewing culture in Macau and the coffee culture in universities,” Tong told the Times.

According to Tong, the competition also aims to provide an international standard platform to share knowledge amongst all coffee lovers in Macau.

The top three contestants will be entitled to represent Macau at the final competition in Guangzhou held from November 15 to 18.

Tong also explained to the Times that Macau is looking forward to promoting the local specialty coffee, the brewing techniques and the development of coffee culture in colleges and universities.

By providing a communication channel for coffee lovers and an event to broaden the vision for university students about the coffee industry, the organizers hope that the competitors will step into the international coffee brewing platform in the future.

Tong hopes that university students can have a higher degree of happiness by adopting a “coffee culture.”

Speaking about Macau’s coffee industry, Tong said that, currently, Macau imports most of its coffee from Brazil, and that in January 2019, the local coffee industry is expecting to strengthen coffee trade with East Timor.

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