Journalists’ Association says scholars persecuted for political reasons

2 renato marquesMacau University 3The Macau Journalists’ Association has released a statement asking the universities, relevant government departments and the Chief Executive to give an explanation in regards to the alleged suppression of scholars’ freedom of speech.
The association argues that there are still many questions that are yet to be answered. It is also concerned that if scholars are suppressed and sacked because of their speech, it will be a sign that society has been engulfed by a white terror.
“According to the information that has been released so far, it is reasonable to suspect that these suppressions were to do with political reasoning. It has to be pointed out that it will be a serious political issue instead of merely amongst the internal matters of education institutions if anybody tried to use political measures to intervene in scholars’ impartial voice and suppress those who speak the truth. The MSAR government cannot use ‘institution autonomy’ as an excuse to distance itself from the matter,” the association claimed.
It continued to suggest that if the journalist industry, scholars and social commentators have to face the threats of being silenced or controlled, the information received by residents will then be “filtered” and “purified” without them knowing it.
The association reiterated that people have should be able to exercise freedom of speech without being threated or harassed.
“Universities, as the herald of truth and knowledge seekers, have to encourage scholars and students to go into society and actively voice their opinions, instead of submitting to the influential,” it concluded. JPL

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