Judge Song Man Lei to chair CE election committee again

Song Man Lei

The judge from the Court of Final Appeal (TUI), Song Man Lei, has once again been chosen to chair the election committee that scrutinizes the election of the new Macau Chief Executive.

This is the second time that the committee has been chaired by Song, who was first appointed with the task in 2011 with the election of Chui Sai On.

In a notice published in the Official Gazette yesterday, the CE has also appointed the other committee members, including Tong Hio Fong, who presided over the Electoral Affairs Commission for the Legislative Assembly Election in 2018. The director of the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau, Kou Peng Kuan, the deputy public prosecutor, Chan Tsz King, and the director of the Government Information Bureau, Victor Chan, are also members of the management committee.

According to Macau’s law on the election of the new CE, the current CE should also appoint a management committee with a president and members within 15 days of the date of election before members of CE election committee are published.

The CE, with a five-year tenure each term, shall be elected by a 400-member committee. The election of members of the CE election committee is scheduled for June 16.

It is expected that the election will take place in late August or early September this year.

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