Ká Hó Reservoir tender opened

The tender for the Ká Hó Reservoir expansion project in Coloane has opened, with the government calling on proposals for the expansion of the water reservoir, as well as the reconstruction of the dam and surrounding roads.

A dispatch published in the Official Gazette by the Office for Infrastructure Development states that the maximum construction period permitted by the tender is 750 days.

“In order to intensify the sustainable urban development of Macau in terms of water supply, improve the water supply system and increase the storage capacity of the fresh water resource, the Government of Macau [will proceed with] the expansion of the Ká Hó Reservoir,” notes the Office in the dispatch.

Tenders for the project must be received by April 11.

Last month, Sociedade de Turismo e Desenvolvimento Insular S.A. (STDI), a Macau company headed by influential businesswoman Pansy Ho, agreed to concede five parcels of land to the government for its Ká Hó Reservoir extension project in eastern Coloane. According to a dispatch published at the time, the return of the land was necessary to proceed with the expansion project for the Ká Hó Reservoir, but the firm would not receive compensation for relinquishing the five plots. It also stated that the arrangement entered into force immediately.

The expansion and improvement work at the Ká Hó Reservoir was outlined in the Macau SAR’s Five-Year Development Plan, along with similar improvements to the facility at Seac Pai Van, which stated that the projects would increase the joint capacity of the reservoirs from about 300,000 cubic meters to 1.05 million. DB

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