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Kitchen of Wonders

A dynamic dining destination in its own right, the newly opened Andaz Macau is home to a captivating culinary venue where guests can experience the authentic flavors of Macau alongside classic dishes from around the world.

The largest eatery in the Galaxy Hotel, Andaz Kitchen is a buzzing all-day-dining neighborhood destination where talented chefs perform eye-catching live-action cooking and serve up a dazzling array of Portuguese, Macanese and neighborhood dishes.

The overall design draws inspiration from old Macau shophouses, with further nods to the city’s heritage in the form of Portuguese mosaic tiles on the floor and high wooden archways that reference the city’s maritime history.

Andaz Kitchen is also home to a striking wall feature titled “Layers of Tradition”, which showcases a curated collection of blue-and-white ceramic plates with hand-painted motifs inspired by Chinese and Portuguese accents commonly seen in Macau. In the kitchen Executive Chef of Andaz Macau, Chef André Lai, works his magic.

Born and raised in Portugal, of Chinese-Portuguese heritage, André is a master chef with over two-decade experience in gastronomy. Infusing traditional family recipes with contemporary and innovative elements, his creations showcase authentic Portuguese and Macanese cuisines, as well as local and regional specialties, evoking an inspired journey through time.

Leading a team of talented chefs at Andaz Macau, Chef André aims to create a distinct dining experience, showcasing the real tastes of Macau to all the guests. Highlights on the menu include Macanese Pork Chop Bun, Tuna Ceviche, Mediterranean Style Grilled Octopus, and a must-try dessert, Deep-fried Portuguese Toast with Cinnamon Sugar.

Along with Chef André, Shobit Shetty, a super talented mixologist who has worked in one the Asia’s 50 Best Bars, is now the story teller behind the bar at Andaz Macau.

Inspired by what he has seen, heard and tasted in Macau, he presents a creative array of cocktails that reflect the multicultural aspect of the city.

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