Korean sex-trafficking ring busted in Macau

Local police authorities have, for the first time, cracked down on a sex trafficking ring that involves Korean nationals, and have detained a 30-year-old for allegedly running a prostitution service between April and November in 2014 in Macau. According to the Korean Times, ten Korean women and two other persons were also indicted without detention for prostitution and arranged prostitution services.
It is reported that the women, in their 20s to 30s, arrived in Macau as tourists and stayed at a luxurious apartment, which was arranged by the detained suspect, for between ten and 30 days. The suspect also hired other brokers to show the women’s photos to potential clients on mobile phones, and each client was alleged to pay between MOP6,300 and MOP15,500 for sex services.
The police are currently looking for two suspects who are at large, and are reportedly investigating into whether there are other prostitution groups operating in Macau.

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