Lawmakers vocal on accommodation for TNRs

Lawmakers Ho Ion Sang and Leong Sun Iok both called for more support for non-resident workers in light of the tightened epidemic control measures.
As the pre-requisites for border crossings tightened between Macau and Guangdong, Ho pointed out that the updated measures will have a greater impact on cross-border teachers and students, as well as non-resident workers and local residents who reside on the mainland.
He stressed that the interactions between the province and the Special Administrative Region are exceptionally close. Despite this, considering the current condition in some cities in Guangdong, the lawmaker suggested that local residents reduce unnecessary border crossings.
If they must cross the border, they should prioritize the collective safety of the local population and strictly abide by enacting rules and regulations.
In order to reduce inter-jurisdictional movement, the lawmaker suggested that capable employers arrange temporary accommodation for their non-resident employees. He also recommended that the government take the lead in encouraging these employers to achieve this.
Leong made a similar suggestion, calling for capable employers, with particular reference to the gambling concessionaires, to establish “friendly policies” and provide special financial assistance to non-resident employees.
His suggestion was made in light of the fact that non-resident workers who choose to spend their time off in mainland China and only come to Macau to work will be required to take the Covid-19 test every two days.
Leong additionally reminded employers and schools to make contingency plans for the new Covid-19 testing requirement to reduce the impact on employees and students.
He also reminded workers in industries with closer ties with tourists, such as the gambling, tourism, retail and catering industries, to build a safe environment by incorporating additional disease control measures.
Leong also voiced worries that the lawmaker had previously received enquiries seeking advice on alleged disease control loopholes in casinos.
He revealed that some croupiers received warnings from their employers after reminding gamblers to wear their masks properly. Recently, Leong received information that some casinos were struggling to uphold requirements such as mask-wearing and social distancing as gamblers simply ignored the requirements.
Leong thus asked the government to try their best to ensure that disease control measures were implemented effectively. The police should be approached, he said, if customers refuse to abide by disease control measures enforced under the law. AL

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