Letter to the Editor | Coloane dog issue

Dear Editor,

 As concerned citizens and residents, we must draw attention to the increasing number of wild dogs appearing and living in Coloane.

Whilst wild dogs have been a part of Coloane for many years, there appears to have been a significant build up in numbers from the beginning of this year. The dogs in question have been breeding, and the main concern is that the escalating numbers will soon spiral out of control and we will find ourselves in a situation where the young and elderly citizens may find themselves in danger from the ever- increasing packs.

Alarmingly, rather than taking action to sterilize dogs and prevent further breeding and raising of large litters, it appears that the local animal welfare group ‘Anima’ has been compounding the problem with a daily/weekly feeding program, thus encouraging many dogs to gather collectively in one space in increasing numbers.

Sadly, as animal lovers, whilst a ‘clean up’ program is urgently required and long overdue, it inevitably means a culling of the dogs, many of whom have been either dumped in Coloane by irresponsible owners or born into the wild packs.

We request that the government look into this issue urgently before it reaches unmanageable proportions and someone is attacked.

 Residents of Hellene Gardens and Coloane Village

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