Letter to the Editor | ‘The Macao Orchestra has invited local young musicians as guest performers to extend their experience’

Dear Editor, There are currently two musicians from the Macao Orchestra who could not return to Macau due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The two musicians are still being paid and remain

Letter to the Editor | ‘I have seen enough of arbitrary laws, selectively enforced’

Dear Editor, There is a bizarre case in Macau recently involving a workplace dispute. An employee started to work for a company and had her salaries paid via bank transfer using her

Letter to the Editor | Combating the common enemy of mankind through solidarity and cooperation

On June 7, China’s State Council Information Office issued a white paper titled “Fighting COVID-19: China in Action”. Consisting of four parts, namely, “China’s fight against the epidemic: a test

Letter to the Editor | National Security Legislation for HKSAR: A fundamental guarantee for the long-term smooth implementation of ‘One Country, Two Systems’

On 28 May, the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) of the People’s Republic of China passed the “Decision on Establishing and Improving the Legal Systems and

Letter to the Editor | Jorge Neto Valente

Jorge Neto Valente’s remarks into microphones and television cameras about a recently Those who know me will freely form their own judgments. Those who do not

Letter to the Editor | A new solution to land supply shortage?

Dear Editor, On February 18, 2019, Beijing laid out its plan for the Greater Bay Area, which named Hong Kong as one of the key cities or

Letter to the Editor | Coloane dog issue

Dear Editor,  As concerned citizens and residents, we must draw attention to the increasing number of wild dogs appearing and living in Coloane.

Letter to the Editor | ‘What the protesters stand for is not in question, but their tactics are winning more detractors than supporters’*

Dear Editor, Today is the 94th day that the protesters have set up and there are only about 7 representatives present under those tents.  I conducted an informal measurement on

Letter to the Editor | Weather report: ‘A potentially dangerous problem’

Dear Editor, As rainstorms and thunderstorms are increasingly occurring in the mornings, there is an imperative need on accurate and confident predictions by the Macau Meteorology and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) and

Opinion: Letter to the Editor | Oxford Economics responds to critics on illicit tobacco report

Dear Editor, We are writing to you on behalf of Oxford Economics and the International Tax and Investment Center (ITIC) regarding the article “Report ‘One in three cigarettes illegal’

Letter to the Editor | Achieving transparency and accountability for the junket system

In June of this year my organization, the International Union of Operating Engineers, sent a letter to Wang Qishan of China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection that highlighted what we

Letter to the Editor | Macau taxis turnaround

Dear Editor I note with interest that TDM covered the once-contentious Macau taxi issue on their Sunday forum over the weekend - and a mere 12 people attended! Secretly, I am

Letter to the Editor | ‘When you have taken a significant step forward it is difficult to go back’

Dear Editor, I was happy to read the clarification by the Public Security Police in today’s newspaper about earlier remarks opposing the domestic violence bill which according to the media

Letter to the Editor | A “new normal” for the taxi industry

Dear Editor, The most important line in the article was the statement of the head of the Public Security Police’s traffic department, Mr Che Wai, that “police are only targeting a

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | ‘This is now a major issue in Macau’

Much was my surprise when I saw my daily copy of Macau Daily Times on the last day of 2014. “Person of the Year” - me?? Wow, that was totally

Letter to the Editor | Red cards, yellow taxis

I am writing in response to the opinion piece “Kapok: Red card for yellow cabs” by Eric Sautedé in last Friday’s Macau Daily Times. Whilst wholeheartedly agreeing with the grand majority and

Letter to the Editor | Imprudent and inaccurate comments by University of Saint Joseph Rector

In an article about a new management structure at the University of Saint Joseph that appeared in the Macau Daily Times on Tuesday 30 September, the Rector Peter Stillwell was

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Open letter to Fr. Stilwell and Fr. Tolentino Mendonça

I was delighted to hear during an interview given by Fr. Stilwell and Fr. Mendonça to TDM-Radio today , in Portuguese, that from now on they would decline to comment any

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