Letter to the Editor | ‘The Macao Orchestra has invited local young musicians as guest performers to extend their experience’

Dear Editor,

There are currently two musicians from the Macao Orchestra who could not return to Macau due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The two musicians are still being paid and remain employed by the orchestra, including the concert master, Paulo Morena. Morena’s work includes participating in the orchestra’s artistic planning, assisting with improving the orchestra’s quality of performance, improving management of scores, teaching bowing and fingering methods for violin performance and coordinating staffing for concerts.
From its inauguration, following practices of international professional orchestras, the Macao Orchestra has, in response to the needs of its performances, invited guest musicians to perform at different shows. By collaborating with different musicians and orchestras, the function of cultural exchange could be achieved. In recent years, the Macao Orchestra has also invited local young musicians as guest performers so as to extend their experience.
In addition, the Cultural Affairs Bureau has not conducted any alteration to the articles of the contracts of the musicians. In relation to assessments for the employment of new musicians, due to outstanding administrative procedures, nothing has been confirmed yet and no contracts have been signed.
As the Covid-19 pandemic eases, the Macao Orchestra has, from July, staged a number of concerts of various sizes. In September, the Macao Orchestra also released information on its 2020-21 Season. In October, as part of the Macao International Music Festival – To A Special Year, the Macao Orchestra collaborated with the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra for a performance of the majestic Mahler Symphony No. 1. On October 20, it will also hold the Season Opening Concert to offer quality musical experience to audiences.

Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC)

(Translated by MDT from the original Chinese letter.)

Editor’s Note: This letter was sent by the IC to Macau Daily Times as “supplementary information” following our article “Macao Orchestra allegedly running on 13 musicians down,” published October 9.

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