Lisboeta launch date unclear despite role in tourism initiative

Computerized impression of ZIPCITY

The second phase of the “Stay, Dine and See Macao” local tour and staycation initiative will see facilities located in several local hotels or resorts taking roles, including the ZIPCITY wired flight and GoAirborne indoor parachuting experiences. Both facilities are located in the yet to open Lisboeta Resort in Cotai.
When questioned whether this is a hint that the resort will officially be opened soon, Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, director of the Macao Government Tourism Office, refrained from giving a direct answer. She stressed that the Lisboeta Hotel of the resort had its license issued last year, meaning that it is ready for operation. Since last year, the hotel has been participating in the quarantine hotel scheme led by the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Center.
The resort has a total of three hotel brands.
The MGTO director pointed out that the two amusement facilities are independent from the hotel tower, meaning that the resort can handle its quarantine mission while also offering a preview of the two amusement activities to Stay, Dine and See Macao participants.
Senna Fernandes recalled that last year, some participants of the then local tour initiative were brought to a preview of the teamLab participatory show at The Venetian Macao.
She hinted that the pre-opening experience may be a market research activity which will allow the operator to better prepare its future marketing strategy.

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