Local designer branches out with new brand

Nuno Lopes de Oliveira

Nuno Lopes de Oliveira, a local fashion designer, has transitioned into the world of beauty and cosmetics with the launch of a new brand and debut eye shadow product.
He has lent his name to his brands – both fashion and cosmetics labels – which are called ‘Nuno Lopes.’ While his fashion brand has already drawn attention in both Macau and overseas, the designer said he wants to find new outlets to express his creativity.
“As an artist it is natural for me to find new mediums to express my creativity,” he said in an exclusive interview with the Times. “The cosmetic brand came very organically for the Nuno Lopes fashion brand.”
At present the beauty brand has a single product, the eye shadow palette. “The color story of this palette is very diverse, so no matter your gender, race or age, you will get great use out of this palette,” the designer advanced. “I even use some of the shades to contour and highlight myself.”
Claiming that his brand is the city’s first homemade beauty brand, the designer said he is also pleased about being able to incorporate his cosmetic products into his fashion shows.
“Now I am able to use my cosmetic products during my fashion shows, giving me ultimate control over the artist vision of the brand,” said the designer.
His fashion brand started off with everyday clothing, such as T-shirts and pants, but Oliveira later added underwear and swimwear to his collection. Oliveira believes beauty products are as necessary for people as clothes and trousers.
Oliveira also disputed the stereotype of connecting cosmetics with femininity. “We believe anyone who wants to use this product can do so, [without] discriminating against a certain age group, race or gender,” the designer said.

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