Local filmmakers to showcase nominated short films

Short film Crash

Short film Crash


‘Tricycle Thief’

Cinema Alegria and Association Audio-Visual CUT will co-present a ‘Local Young Filmmakers Showcase and Sharing’ on November 23, screening three short films from Macau, which are “Come, The Light,” “Tricycle Thief,” and “Crash.”

The upcoming local film screening will also allow local filmmakers to exchange experiences in film production and about participation in overseas film festivals.

Local director, Hong Heng Fai will present his new short film “Crash,” which was nominated for the Best Short Film in the 53rd Taipei Golden Horse Awards to be held on November 26. ‘Crash’ was also nominated in the coming 32nd International Short Film Festival Berlin which will be held from November 14 to 20.

“It’s good timing to show this film,” said a representative of Association Audio-Visual CUT Rita Wong to the Times. “I think the development of Macau movies is maturing, especially [among the] young filmmakers. They try to make different kinds of productions,” she explained.

Meanwhile, another short film ‘Come, The Light,’ directed by Chao Koi-Wang,” was awarded The Best Short Film at the 9th First International Film Festival, Xining, and at the 8th Annual Bushwick Film Festival hosted in New York.

Macau/Hong Kong based director, Maxim Bessmertny, had entered Toronto International Film Festival (Tiff) Official Selection with his narrative short film, ‘Tricycle Thief’ and won the 2015 Kodak Gold Award for the Best Short Film.

The organizers said the development of local short films is becoming more dynamic in terms of creation and production. Hence, the recognition of film festivals outside the region would further encourage the local film scene.

According to Wong, the film screening aims to encourage aspiring filmmakers in the region. She claims that Macau has been recently active in promoting and supporting young filmmakers.

Wong also stressed that different subsidies and schemes that the local public entities provide to emerging local filmmakers has made the territory a suitable platform for these talents to develop.

“Local filmmakers also think [Macau] is an important platform. They provide a lot of support to them as [some] organizations also have short film courses, workshops and collective work [projects].

The short film screening will be held at Cinema Alegria Theatre 2 on November 23 at 8 p.m.  LV

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