Macao Foundation hotline, website ready to respond to employee subsidy questions

The Macao Foundation is launching both a hotline and a website to answer the public’s questions regarding the government’s 10-billion-pataca Covid-19 relief subsidy.
Zhong Yi, vice-president of the foundation, spoke about the relief fund matter yesterday, during at a TDM radio program.
From tomorrow, the Macao Foundation will be operating the hotline on 8988 0380, as well as a website to clarify the concerns raised by members of the public.
The government has proposed a six-pronged approach for the use of a 10 billion pataca fund that aims to provide financial support within the community. The money will be used to compensate local employees and businesses.
On Tuesday, an online inquiry system for the employee subsidies was launched. As of 6 p.m. on the inauguration date, the system had registered approximately 285,000 enquiries.
On June 16 the Macao Foundation will commence distribution of the money, specifically through bank transfer. From June 18, cheques will be used to hand out the money. The government estimates the distribution will be completed within approximately two weeks. JZ

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