Macau passport to be updated with newer technology

The Identification Services Bureau announced yesterday the latest security measures to be embedded in the upgraded version of the Macau Special Administrative Region Passport and Travel Permit.
The passport is issued to Chinese nationals with permanent Macau residency, while the travel permit is issued to Chinese nationals with non-permanent Macau residency, who are not eligible for other travel documents.
The new documents will be issued starting from December 3. The bureau expects to open online applications at the end of this year.
Head of the bureau, Ao Ieong U, explained the update was necessary as the previous one had taken place 10 years ago. This update is also being implemented to abide by the latest guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organization, more commonly known as the ICAO.
One of the new anti-counterfeit features is found on the data page of the travel documents. There is a laser-perforated image of the passport holder and two tactile images, one depicting the emblem of the city and the other a lotus.
Meanwhile, multicolor UV printing technology is also employed on the same page. The encryption technology used for the chip embedded in the page has also been upgraded.
The bureau used the Guia Lighthouse, the Ruins of St. Paul’s and the A-Ma Temple as illustrations on each page. They are juxtaposed with Macau’s three bridges.
At the bottom of each page, the Great Wall and lotus flowers are connected in patterns. Images of fireworks are also UV-printed on each page. AL

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