Macau proves popular with young adult demographic

Young adults were the largest age group of visitors to Macau last year, accounting for nearly a quarter of all arrivals, new research from Morgan Stanley All-Asia Research shows.
People aged between 25 and 34 represented 23.4% of all visitor arrivals in 2019, the institution reported as cited by GGR Asia, more than any other age group categorized in the government’s visitor statistics database.
More recently, in February and March this year when the Covid-19 spread was at its height in the greater China region, this particular age group saw its contribution to total visitor numbers increase by 5 percentage points year-on-year to about 30%.
According to 2019 population statistics, people aged 25 to 34 accounted for about 15.7% of the mainland’s population.
There is little to suggest that this “millennial cohort” is interested in gambling.
Nevertheless, analysts at the Morgan Stanley unit believe that their interest in Macau is “positive for the long-term demand of Macau business,” especially in terms of powering the drive toward diversification.
As for other generations surveyed, Morgan Stanley noted that visitors in the age bracket 35 to 44 accounted for 20.1% of visitors last year, while those aged 45 to 54 represented 18.9%. Macau visitors aged 15 and below were the “fastest growing group,” up by 47% from 2017. DB

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