Macau visitor passes now available 24/7 in Guangzhou

Mainland residents can now apply for Macau and Hong Kong visitor permits at the new automated facility at Guangzhou South Railway Station, the Police Department of Guangzhou has announced.
The service is now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, facilitated by an automated service parlor. The parlor was officially opened on Sunday.
Mainland residents can use the service kiosks to apply for visitor permits to Macau and Hong Kong, mainland identity cards, as well as pay fees and fines.
According to a report by local Chinese newspaper Macao Daily News, the parlor provides a wide range of other services.
Residents can register their residential information and pet information, as well as handle immigration and transport-related applications.
A virtual reality machine was also installed, providing users with safety information and virtual experiences.
Other services include business registration, social security, real estate, insurance and taxation. Cash machines are also available for the convenience of parlor users. All services are conducted on automated machines. AL

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