Macau writer insists tourists need not stay away

Alvis Sio, a Macau writer working in Hong Kong’s media industry, has written an  article for Stand News telling “friends from Macau” that “Hong Kong is not dangerous.”

“The [Macau government] reminds residents to cautiously make plans for a Hong Kong trip, […], friends and family members text me ‘it is very dangerous, be careful’ after they saw the report,” Sio wrote. “Is Hong Kong really that dangerous to Macau people?”

Sio’s article mentioned the various stances of Macau residents in regard to Hong Kong’s current situation.

Sio argues that simply watching a news report on television or reading one in newspapers does not provide a whole view of the exact situation surrounding the demonstrations and Hong Kong.

“Even I, who has been at the scene, can not tell you that I know about the whole situation. Unless you can be cloned, and see and listen to everything at the same time, you should not tell people that you know a lot [about Hong Kong’s situation], regardless of how much news you have read [about Hong Kong],” Sio wrote.

“More importantly, [Macau people] should not think that they can use their usual methods to make comments, and to randomly condemn supporters of Hong Kong [protesters] as Hong Kong independence dogs and as a mob,” said Sio, adding that “I can assure you that Hong Kong is still that shopping heaven where you can come over to eat and have fun.” JZ

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