Macau, Zhuhai collaborate to defend rights of property-buyers from SAR


Consumer rights groups in Macau and Zhuhai have come to a consensus about building a joint prevention and control mechanism for Macau residents purchasing real properties in Zhuhai.
The Consumer Council and the Economic Bureau of Macau, market supervision entities and the Consumer Rights Protection Council of Zhuhai recently met in the southern Chinese city to negotiate on the matter.
Topics such as sales and marketing, supervising regulations and policies on the mainland, new and expanded collaborations, sharing of information, the dissolution of infringement of rights, as well as inauguration of a long-term cooperative mechanism were on the agenda.
To support its implementation, consumer rights groups from both cities made specific plans for the enactment of the mechanism at the meeting.
First, a joint preventive mechanism concerning real property advertisements will be inaugurated between Macau, Zhuhai and Hengqin. Zhuhai groups will start upstream by meeting with real property developers, agencies and advertisers.
Second, a verification mechanism on the “Five Licenses” will be built. The Five Licenses is a collective term referring to the licenses needed to starting building and selling real properties in mainland China.
Third, the Macau Consumer Council has set up a section on its website to highlight information about purchasing mainland real properties. The section is connected to the Zhuhai online platform for real property trading, where users can look for the number of a particular development’s Commercial Real Property Presale License, as well as verifying the use of the property as registered with the government.
Meanwhile, the Macao Economic Bureau has also pledged to monitor advertisements for mainland real properties in Macau to prevent local residents from falling for scams.

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