Macau’s Canadian community can ‘bridge the relationship between China and US’

As the Greater Bay Area (GBA) initiative continues to drive economic integration and collaboration across southern China, Macau’s Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CanCham) is positioning itself to play a key role in this dynamic regional landscape.

The chamber sees opportunities for Canadian expertise and products in the GBA, particularly in areas like food production, accounting and education.

“Canadian chartered accountants are highly sought after, as well as Canadian teachers and educators,” said Dr. Howard Stribbell, the president of CanCham, told the Times.

“We’re Canadians, we’re a friendly bunch. We’re not too political. I think Canada can play a role in bridging the relationship between China and the US,” he added.

The chamber plans to leverage its relationships with the Canadian Consulate General in Hong Kong to navigate the complexities of operating in the GBA.

“We can also work with the Canadian Consulate General in Hong Kong as well and help us navigate that,” said Stribbell.

“So, in one way, our chamber partners with other Canadian chambers, like the Pearl River Delta (PRD) chamber in Guangzhou and the Hong Kong chamber – which is the largest Canadian chamber in the world.”

By forging these inter-chamber connections, CanCham can offer its members access to a broader network of resources and networking opportunities across the GBA.

“We just did a joint event in Zhuhai last month, which was very successful,” the president said. “And then we work with all the other nationality chambers too, which provides a lot of synergy for us in doing events and building more networking going forward.”

The leadership also recognizes the potential of the Hengqin area.

“We’re really excited about the work that’s happening in Hengqin and the continued development in Macau, and how that will play a role in the greater GBA,” the chamber’s president said.

Earlier this year, lawmaker Wong Sai Man has urged the government to lower the obstacles faced by foreigners residing in Macau who desire to work or live in Hengqin.

At the Legislative Assembly, Wong proposed that the SAR and mainland authorities simplify the travel restrictions for eligible foreigners by introducing a unique travel permit.

This permit would allow them to conveniently cross to Hengqin using their passports. Wong emphasized the importance of collaboration between the SAR government and relevant mainland departments in issuing this travel permit for seamless travel between Macau and Hengqin. Howard Tong

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