Melco boosts physical and mental wellness

In alignment with the SAR government’s emphasis on promoting physical and mental wellbeing, Melco Resorts & Entertainment encourages colleagues and the community to adopt healthier and more active lifestyles through its dedicated initiatives.


With regular exercise being essential for physical health, stress reduction and overall wellbeing, Melco’s REACH! program, was launched in 2022 to promote exercise and participation in community sports among colleagues. The program offers physical and mental health benefits, fostering camaraderie and belonging, while supporting overall wellbeing.

Through training support and resources such as the supply of facilities, venues and sports medicine, REACH! aims to inspire colleagues of all fitness levels to maximize their full potential in sports and physical activities and helps those engaged in competitive sports achieve their best possible results.

Between January and May this year, over 500 Melco colleagues have participated in the program’s plethora of activities, including sporting competitions, educational seminars, InBody health analyses services available at employee Heart of House areas, and a series of nearly 45 activity training sessions. Additional seminars and coaching programs covering topics as diverse as freediving, nutrition, child athletics and sports coach education are also in the pipeline for colleagues to join free of charge in the forthcoming months.

REACH! has further supported 28 colleagues’ participation in official sporting competitions since the beginning of this year, with team members going on to win a total of 11 medals, including 3 champion awards, 2 first runner-up achievements and 2 second runner-up awards.


Earlier this month, Melco’s REACH! Dragon Boat team excelled at the Macao International Dragon Boat Races hosted by Sports Bureau and Dragon Boat Association of Macao, China, achieving the awards for 1st runner-up in the Macau International Invitation Standard Dragon Boat Race 500m – Category B, 6th and 13th place in the Small Boat Race 200m, and 5th place in the Macao Standard Boat Race 500m. And to congratulate them on their hard work and success, Melco Chairman & CEO Lawrence Ho met with the team at the City of Dreams’ recent 15th anniversary party. This ceremony was especially meaningful for some colleagues who had been part of the City of Dreams team since its beginning in 2009.


Earlier in the year, Melco REACH! team members also participated in Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM)’s Welfare Charity Run to attain notable results including:

Women’s Singles Race Champion – Icy Lao, Dealer, Table Games

Men’s Singles Race Champion – Wilson Sou, Global Marketing

Men’s Singles Race 1st Runner Up – Next Leung, Table Games

Men’s Singles Race 6th Place – Dennis Ng, Marketing

Team Relay Race 6th Place – Studio City colleagues Ray Chiu, Security; Fiona Cao, F&B; Mike Lam, Business Development; and Anatole Chen, Entertainment


Melco also collaborates with Women’s General Association of Macau on the Feel Better Mental Wellness Programs, providing women with diversified psychological counseling support services while responding to the government’s concern for promoting physical and mental health, helping women develop a positive attitude and to have the tools to safeguard and enhance their mental wellbeing.

Since its launch in 2021, Feel Better has benefited over 3,700 participants, including through 128 seminar and small group sessions, and 825 personalized development support sessions.

Last year, Melco and Women’s Association extended the programs’ reach to families of Melco colleagues as well as members of the broader community. This year, the co-organizers will further increase the number of mental wellness seminars to reach a wider audience and to benefit more people. And to coincide with World Mental Health Day in October, the organizations plan to generate even greater awareness through promotional activities and the hosting of a special carnival in the community, further highlighting the importance of mental wellbeing and sharing positive energy with residents and visitors.

Other Recent achievements:

Macau Women’s Sports Festival 2024
Christy Wong, Elite Services; Debbie Kuok, Human Resources; Joey Lao, Learning Academy; Zero Leong, Entertainment; Katrina Lei, Executive Office; Sira Vong, Entertainment; Kiki Kong, Table Games; and Jun Leong, Learning Academy, Champion: Group A

Gaming Employees Table Tennis Competition
Team A colleagues from Table Games – Victor Wan; Tommy Chang; Shakes U; and Lei Chan, Second Runner-Up: Team Competition
Victor Wan, First Runner-Up: Men’s Single
Tommy Chang, Third Runner-Up: Men’s Single
Shakes U, Second Runner-Up: Women’s Single


The 15th Zhuhai Macao Cup Traditional Martial Arts Open 2023
Benny Lei, Business Risk, Gold Medal: Men’s Traditional South Style Kung Fu “Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen” & Gold Medal: Men’s Traditional short weapons “Lei Ga Short Bench”
Issac Yuen, Information Technology, Gold Medal: Men’s Traditional Northern martial arts “Ba Ji Quan”

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