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Melco presents residency concert series

Melco Style presents ‘Melco Residency Concert Series’ – a three-year world-class residency entertainment spectacle featuring a line up of superstars with a collective of 90 shows at Studio City.

Pop Diva Joey Yung performs live in Asia’s First Ever Residency Concert Series to kick off ‘Melco Residency Concert’ in style on April 1. Last week, Joey appeared at the virtual press conference to share the exciting highlights of her spectacular bespoke show – ‘Eternity Joey Yung Live in Macau’.

Joey Yung who has toured with more than 150 concerts around the world will be the first performer at The Melco Residency Concert Series with a total of eight shows in ‘Eternity Joey Yung Live in Macau’ over four consecutive weekends.

David Sisk, COO Macau Resorts, Melco Resorts and Entertainment said, “Melco strives to support the Macau SAR government’s strategy on diversified tourism, and it further demonstrates Melco’s confident and strong contribution to the Greater Bay Area.”

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