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MGM brings summer event to Barra District

MGM has launched the Barra District “Summer Hype” Series Event this July, marking a new milestone in the area’s revitalization progress.

To enhance public understanding of Barra District’s revitalization and community engagement efforts, MGM last week hosted a dedicated Sharing Session around the “Summer Hype” Series Event at Navy Yard No. 2, with various partners sharing insights and aspirations into collaborative revitalization endeavors.

The session attracted over 80 guests, including government officials, local youth entrepreneurs, and figures from the arts and culture sectors.

Catarina Lio, senior vice president of Brand Marketing of MGM, said, “A District’s revitalization requires community collaboration. This is especially true for Barra District which is a brand-new area in Macau. Its transformation relies on the city’s collective effort. […] And now, we are devoted to strengthening our partnerships across sectors, and leveraging our corporate resources to help Macau’s young entrepreneurs and talents attain their breakthroughs in cross-disciplinary innovations.”

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