MGTO: Returnee retrieval operation unlike regular travel

Further details need to be negotiated and confirmed before the retrieval operation for returnees can commence, Inês Chan, an official from the Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) explained at the regular Health Bureau press conference on Covid-19.

With the summer holidays around the corner, the tourism regulator has disclosed that many overseas students have contacted the MGTO asking about air-to-land transit in Hong Kong so they can return home.

The MGTO has initiated talks with the Hong Kong government on the matter. Chan explained that the talks involved the MGTO’s counterpart in Hong Kong, as well as also the neighboring city’s Airport Authority, border control authorities, and transport authorities, among other public entities.

Some students aiming to return home during summer have expressed that it would be hard to obtain a ticket at the last minute. They are hoping the MGTO will make an announcement about the retrieval operation as early as possible so as to extend the buffer period.

In response, Chan said that it would be confusing to make premature announcements, but pledged that the tourism regulator would publicize the details once available. She added that the measures would become meaningless if exemptions were always made.

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