Mi Jian shares views on Macau’s Greater Bay Area involvement

Director of the Policy Research and Regional Development Bureau Mi Jian was featured in a one- page news report on Chinese media by Macao Daily News.

Accused of misconduct in June this year, Mi has avoided the media since.

Yesterday, Macao Daily News published a one-page story featuring Mi’s perspective on regional development – in particular, the Greater Bay Area.

“One country, two systems. Three laws, three currencies. The differences in laws and systems needs to be solved urgently,” Mi said.

However, Mi noted that it is important for Macau to implement different laws and systems compared with mainland China, as Macau’s existing systems provide a positive environment for the rule of law and associated freedoms and commercial advantages.

Mi pointed out that differences in rules, management culture, perspective and mentality affect Macau’s cooperation with mainland China. These differences need to be solved for the Greater Bay development to succeed.

Speaking about the Greater Bay, Mi admitted that Macau local residents are still observing the area’s development instead of proactively participating in it.

In Mi’s opinion, the Greater Bay Area is part of Macau’s future.

Participating in its development is not only a rare opportunity for Macau, but also for Macau residents, especially SMEs, young people and the professional classes. Whether Macau can seize this opportunity under the current environment and conditions is key to deciding Macau’s future, according to Mi.

Mi believes that Macau must make efforts to achieve the policy’s objectives, as outlined by the Central Government, instead of just voicing interest in them.

“Judging from the current situation, Macau has not done enough. There is still a long way to go in terms of contributing to the country’s development,” Mi stated.

“State leaders [have] mentioned many times that Macau should speed up its integration into the overall situation of national development, and catch up with the express train of the motherland. It does not mean that we have not done well. Of course, […] it depends entirely on Macau’s own efforts,” Macao Daily news reported.

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