Taste of Edesia

Mooncake go vegan

This year, Green Common is bringing back the signature Vegan Custard Mooncake highlighting 100% made with plant-based ingredients and made in Hong Kong. The mooncake is created with the American award-winning vegan butter, featuring a golden tender casing and custard filling mixed with plant-based milk and flaxseed powder, which offers a velvety texture.

This crowd-pleasing flavor contains 0mg cholesterol and 0g trans fat. An absolute delight, Green Common Vegan Custard Mooncake becomes an effortlessly healthy and perfect gift, keeping the joyous festival light yet satisfying. 

Creamy vegan custard made with 100% plant-based ingredients  is created with award-winning Miyoko’s Kitchen vegan butter and made with plant-based ingredients that are good for health, such as plant-based milk and flaxseed powder. With no preservatives added, this mooncake indulges the crowd with the plant-based creamy classic. Just 15 seconds in the microwave to transform the mooncake into a flavor explosion! Definitely a treat for the season. 

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