MSAR submits formal request for Hengqin land

IMG_0024The Macau government has already officially submitted a request to the central government for an extra 10 square kilometers of land on Hengqin for Macau to develop, the president of the Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) said in a reply to lawmaker Si Ka Lon’s written enquiry.
Jackson Chang said that there is an active response from the Guangdong authorities regarding the request.
All parties are now waiting for a reply from the central government. Moreover, the president pointed out that according to the framework agreement between the Macau and Zhongshan governments regarding the development of the Cuiheng New District, the first stage of the collaboration would designate five square kilometers of land for the development of the Guangdong-Macau Full-
Scale Cooperation Demonstration Area.
The Macau side will take part in the establishment of an investment company as a part of the collaboration.

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